Ecce Homo

by Bardamu

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Dear reader:

These songs were inspired by women and trains, written by me (after being irresponsibly encouraged by Carlus Jove, who even dared playing them along at the very beginning until I believed in myself) and arranged by the respective players with the help of Mariona Carreras’ homemade cakes. She also played the violin, shared with us her golden voice and frowned upon me when it was needed.

The drawings, design and good taste are by Josep Segarra, who not only keeps my feet on the ground but also plays bass, electric guitar and banjo. I hope he’ll hire me if he ever forms a band.

Victor Pesudo brought his music sticks to play percussion on this tempered manner of his (the way I’ve admired for more than 10 years now) and even bought me a book which one day I shall read.

Elena Vilanova is the one who suffered the most throughout the whole process, for not only did she live with me while I learnt to play the most basic chords on the guitar but also had to go through my country-folkish phase and keep me fed. She still does, actually. And sings, and plays harmonica, and melodica, and guitar with me at home, and most importantly of all, helps me keep the faith on the human race.

The sounds were skillfully recorded by Marc Oller (*Trinxat) at Torrent Rural Studios (Torrent, Girona) and his bedroom in Barcelona, always with a smile and often with distilled spirits he’d cheerfully welcome in. Later on he mixed the many tracks and managed to hide some mistakes and make it all sound as good as it gets. And he still smiles.

Thank you, friends.


released April 17, 2011



all rights reserved


Bardamu Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: The riverbank
In a river that smells like the sea
I dropped some words, sad thoughts written long ago
And then I picked some stones
And saved them for me

In a crowded square with giant heads
I sat by a fountain to stare at people walking by
Looking for life, hiding white lies
Would you dare ask them why?
All I needed was a bed, at least for that night

In an empty park with a palace in my back
I took off my shoes and waited for the storm
And when I realized you would not come
I set my clothes on fire and tore my flag apart

And from that day on…

I’ve sung other lullabies
I’ve eaten other apple pies
I’ve laid my neck on other arms
Unlocked the door to my heart
And I told myself that we were through
And made new friends and met women too
And I’ve almost finished writing a book
And one night I came back from the moon

And yet when I awake
I can’t help to dream about…
Track Name: New face
I woke up to a new face
A new smell in my hands
And though I’d never seen this place
At home I felt within thyself

I kissed her forehead
She smiled at me
And then I walked away

A new illusion
That’s all we need
To face another day
Track Name: Blinded in Praha
I heard them sing in the distance
But I was blinded by the sun
So I reached out for someone, grabbed an arm
And said “would you walk me home?”

That someone was a lady
Whose freckled nose I can’t recall
But she left a mark on my skin
Right before we laid down to sleep
And then she asked me to keep talking
Just to hear my voice

So I closed my eyes and sang this song
And I squeezed her hands and then I let them go
And I got up and left her there to dream alone
For the two of us were too afraid to love

We’ve been looking for each other ever since that night
And I thought I heard her singing once but I was blind
So I ramble around, hoping to be found
And I leave a trail of eyelashes behind
Until her lips come back
To breathe with mine
Track Name: Rice, cake & wine
I walked with no direction through a curtain of rain
until I was trapped in the chaos of the beauty around my head
I thought of going back to my room as my feet were soaking wet
But I had no more dry shoes and a raindrop on my cigarette
Reminded me why I was there

The golden door won’t open but the crowd still waits outside
And the soldiers no longer bother to keep the line
An old woman begs for money and forgets about her child
While time marches on, passing judgment on us all
And leaving pure love behind

Death came to serve my table but I looked the other way
And so the game continued as I learnt to play
I tried to go out dancing but my hair went gray
“if you want hope” she said, “you must cope with pain and hate
until you forgive yourself, that’s the price you’ll have to pay”
Track Name: The day you did not...
The black clouds were crying
And the wind was complaining
I had seen a hundred angels
But I was far from heaven

I was crossing the last bridge
I was trying not to think
When we looked at each other
And you did not recognize me

I kept walking towards the station
But I couldn’t escape the thought
That I didn’t mean so much to you
After all

And of course I’ll have more lovers
But I really liked you babe
I guess I never realized
I’d be so easy to forget
Track Name: Turpentine dreams
Though her milky teeth are not sharpened enough

the Moon still bites Saint Michael’s sword

which has carved on her plastic chest

the dead old words of dead old men

who are now worshipped by the deaf.

From afar I see her glisten

getting wet on the world’s ink

albeit the roar of traffic forbids my listen

to the chants her maids sing whilst we sink.

I cannot even begin to ascertain

the flame that dyes on her burning lips

but please let me praise her wisdom

oh please let me lick her feet

so that when the rust stains her eyelids

and the sewers lay mouths at her hips

I be the first unknown poet

to ever rejoice our defeat.